Name of the beneficiary: Gremon Systems Zrt.
Project title: Development and commercialization of a greenhouse decision support hardware and software ecosystem
Brief presentation of the project:
The future belongs to data-driven gardening. To achieve this, the aim and result of Gremon Systems' innovations is to be able to control state-of-the-art equipment without horticultural expertise, even autonomously.
Gremon Systems Zrt. Has set a goal and is committed to achieving a level of regulation in greenhouse cultivation that enables carbon-neutral crop production.
Gremon Systems has previously thought of products that are integrated, cloud-based hardware and software that help farmers improve the efficiency of their human, water, fertilizer, pesticide, and energy resources.
Today, the new concept essentially integrates these “products”, creating an ecosystem in which the different solutions are presented in the form of modules. Some modules require the use of devices and sensors, others are software solutions.
The goal of the company’s developments is to create a ‘GREMON DIGITAL’ ecosystem that provides a unified framework for collecting, storing, processing and displaying the various types of data available from the cultivation in a way that makes simple, operational decisions, or even remote control.
The amount of the contracted support: HUF 370M
Proposal identifier: GINOP-8.1.3/B-17
Planned completion date of the project (if realized, actual completion): 31 December 2023

Name of the beneficiary: Gremon Systems Zrt.
Project title: Upgrading Gremon Systems’ IT and manufacturing tools and Insight Manager software to increase the company’s export performance.
Brief presentation of the project:
Gremon Systems products are integrated, cloud-based hardware and software that help horticulturalists optimize the use of production resources. The physical devices developed by the company are manufactured and assembled in Szeged. These devices are installed in the greenhouses by ourselves, our customers, or other partners, who collect the information that the sensors, other devices provide, and process it into the “cloud” (or local server) and process it with the sophisticated tools of our own software. Gremon products show users the decision-supporting information in a simple and easy-to-understand way on the user interfaces (computer, mobile devices). The biggest area of the project is the improvement of the Insight Manager software. This software was the first product of the company that we started developing in the early 2010s. Insight Manager is a real-time work monitoring system. It solves the digitization of the related processes, makes the handling of anomalies transparent and predictable, helps our customers to optimize their work and plant protection costs, and establishes the tracking and traceability of the produced product. The terminal and the mobile version can be combined, making it applicable in any field.
The amount of the contracted support: HUF 43,510,824
Extent of subsidy in%: 50%
Proposal identifier: GINOP-1.2.7- 20-2021-00021
Planned completion date of the project: 18/09/2022.