Insight Manager

Digitalize your administration


Insight Manager gives a clear picture on the performance of your employees, their work efficiency, and it also makes it possible to get a precise and real-time picture on the disorders identified by the workers (e.g. plant protection issues, shortage of raw materials, damages).

Intelligent Statistics
Calculate sophisticated statistics about the efficiency of your business

Real Time Tracking & Alerts
Use your smart phone to track real time activity of employees & receive notifications

Increase Profits
Optimize the productivity of your workforce & reap in the financial rewards

Cloud Based Technology
Cloud storage ensures your data protection & accessibility from anywhere

Save time by
digitalizing your labour administration

Real-time monitoring, 
better management of your workforce



  • Simple task assignment
  • Regular data backup
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Statistics query
  • Identification of disorders
  • Tracking of log-ins and log-outs
  • Generating attendance registers
  • Simple administration
  • Automatic alerts
  • Local server or cloud-based service
  • Easily extendable
  • Location identification with QR codes
  • Managing teams with only one device

Which solution to choose?


An outbound fixed tool to capture data

Choose this option if you wish to monitor your employees individually with the use of RFID. The price of the system is primarily determined by the number of terminals installed and the need for wifi network. The price of the terminal includes the software. The number of terminals can be extended later.


One per employee or one per group leader

There is a one-time setup fee, min. 1,500 EUR, depending on the size of the plant. The monthly service charge, 6 to 15 EUR, depending on the number of employees monitored by the system.


Terminal +

The price of this solution is based on the combination of the mobile and terminal pricing, depending on the number of terminals and the number of monitored employees.