Trutina, the “plant scanner”
Accurately diagnoses what your plants need, therefore you can produce better. Go to the article  <<< Back to Articles
A Hungarian startup company digitalizes the greenhouses of the world
They have hundreds of devices all over the world, they collect data from them every 5 seconds, and they tell[...]
Hungarian startup is to change agriculture
The Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize had been organized for the 26th time this year. The prestigious award was also given[...]
Measuring the plant behaviour in real-time
Gain insight into the life processes of plants. This offers opportunities to reduce the amount of irrigated water and fertilizer[...]
Renewable technology in agriculture
Availability, retention of labour, optimizing its efficiency, its administration and digitalization are all seperate problems, we provide an overall solution[...]
International startups fought in the boxing ring
Startup Campus V4 Global Tour of this year has come to an end. As the last stop within the Regional[...]
What if your plants could talk?
The Hungarian innovative spirit strikes again. Gremon Systems Zrt. has developed a system that works as a fitbit for plants.[...]