Trutina Blueberry Professional Edition

Smart plant monitoring system designed for innovative blueberry growing


1. Pyranometer:

Light measurement tool that helps detecting how much energy is currently available for the plants.

2. Communication node:

Communication device that transfers on-site sensor data to a nearby data collector unit (with a distance up to hundreds of meters). The data collector unit has Ethernet connection and it forwards the data packages to a central server which supplies the data to the client applications (via desktop or smartphone).

3. Funnel:

For collecting and transferring the nutrition solution to the water volume meter and EC sensor.

4. Cover:

For protecting the weight measurement unit and holding the filters.

5. Weight measurement:

For measuring how the water capacity changes in the substrate.

6. Filters:

For collecting dust to avoid stoppages in the system and securing the precision of weight measurement.

7. Tanks (2 pcs.):

One for the irrigation water and another one for the drain.

8. Water volume meter:

One for the irrigation water and another one for the drain.

9. EC sensors (2 pcs.):

For measuring electroconductivity of the irrigation water and the drain. Using this data, the system automatically calculates ΔEC. Besides EC, the sensors are capable of measuring water temperature as well.

10. Electrical junction box:

For protecting and insulating electrical connections of the system.

Get full insight of plant activity and achieve your highest and best quality yield, with optimized irrigation strategy

We know your problem well: you would like to have a higher yield and higher quality fruits, maintain a healthy root development, save costs and ease your daily operation. Trutina Blueberry will be your helping hand to achieve all these, thanks to a plant activity monitoring solution and an online dashboard that can be accessed right from your smartphone as well. Having real-time updates of your plants, you will always know when and how much your plants need to be irrigated, so you can constantly fine-tune your irrigation strategy and will be able to achieve the full potential of your greenhouse.

Trutina Blueberry is an all-in-one solution that helps you reach your goals.

I’d like my plants to develop healthier roots.

Monitor water content and EC level more accurately, creating better conditions for healthy root development.

I’d like to have higher and better quality yield (less cracking fruits, etc.).

Irrigate only when the plant needs it (when there is enough light, the temperature is high enough and the plant is able to take up the irrigation).

I’d like to maintain a better plant balance (vegetative / generative).

Control your plants more efficiently between vegetative and generative growing according to the daily changes of water capacity.

I’d like to reduce my operating costs.

Monitor your drain and irrigation strategy better at each watering cycle.

I’d like to verify whether my irrigation strategy is good enough.

Get real-time feedback on how your plants react after changing your settings - thanks to monitoring plant activity values (water uptake speed, evaporation, and more). Without instant feedback, it turns out only when it’s too late.


Blueberry Professional Edition

Achieve your goals by having full control over your plants. Trutina Blueberry helps you in each phenophase:

A healthy and strong root system is essential for the development of your plants, and it has a significant effect on your yield. With the right timing and amount of irrigation with the help of Trutina Blueberry, you can improve the root development in each phenophase, resulting in healthier plants and a better crop.

Trutina Blueberry answers the two key questions regarding irrigation:


It is impossible to compete with today’s high demand and the ever-changing economic environment by only following old rules and instincts. You need to be 100% aware of your plant activity, in order to adjust and optimize your irrigation strategy. By serving the exact needs of your plants, you will be able to control nutrient uptake, fulfill the physiological needs and ensure proper root development.

WHEN to irrigate?

Irrigate only when your plants need it - not sooner, not later. You need to know the right time for irrigation, when

Trutina, thanks to its smart sensors, automatically measures these values and will let you know the right time for irrigation.

The chart is a screenshot of Trutina, showing an example of wrong timing: there was not enough light, the temperature was too low and the plants were not active (see highlighted)

HOW MUCH to irrigate?

Irrigate the right amount - not more, not less. With optimal irrigation strategy, you can avoid overirrigation and underirrigation, and also, you will be able to reduce the waste of water, nutrient solution - and even energy.

Avoid overirrigation

Overirrigation leads to leaf yellowing, excess of drainage, transpiration reduction and smaller leaves or it can even cause fruit cracking as well - and sometimes these symptoms are present only when it is too late. With Trutina, you can detect overirrigation immediately and adjust your irrigation strategy to avoid it. Here’s how:

An example of overirrigation: it is clearly visible at the end of the day that the drain is too high, the plants cannot take up any more water, therefore, it goes to waste and may lead to health symptoms.

This is how Trutina shows EC difference between irrigation and drain water (EC).

Avoid underirrigation

Underirrigation leads to wilted plants, damaged rootcells, the plant cannot cool itself and its leaves get brown and withered. With Trutina, you can detect underirrigation immediately (before seeing these symptoms) and adjust your irrigation strategy to avoid it. Here’s how:

This is how Trutina shows water content reduction in the container.

Trutina Blueberry is your measurement assistant

It is not just a measurement system but a smart platform that aggregates all the data and helps you with smart insights and correlations that you could not see before.


By automatically measuring drainage, you get a clear picture of how much water your plants take up and you get immediate feedback about what happens when you change your irrigation strategy.


By automatically measuring EC, you can always be aware of the current metabolism of your plants and see whether your irrigation strategy is in line with their water and nutrient needs.


Light measurement is important, because irradiation takes a crucial effect on the performance and water needs of the plants, while several other essential values are derived from this data.

The advantages of automatic measurements

If you already measure the mentioned values, that is a good step towards efficient operation, but switching to automatic measurement will be a huge leap in your production:

It saves time

Instead of measuring the values, let the system do it for you entirely automatically, so you can use your time for other important activities.

It’s more precise

The smart sensors offer a higher precision and more stable operation compared to manual measurements.

You do it remotely

There is no need to be physically in your greenhouse, all the data is accessible remotely, even from a smartphone.

Need help to understand all these data?
We are here for you

Gremon Systems is not just a technology provider – but your partner for consultancy. With our Weekly Report and Risk Reduction services we can help you get the most out of your measured data and reveal new insights. These reports are made by experts and designed to improve your production while reducing the risk in your greenhouse, thanks to analyzing and understanding your data.


Easy to install

Trutina offers a non-disruptive way of monitoring, without any significant infrastructural changes in your current greenhouse system.

Modular & extendable

Use only those features that you need now and extend your system any time easily. Connecting the modules is simple and plug & play

Connects everything

It’s one system that integrates all the data you need for better decision making: from drainage to EC, and from water uptake speed to evaporation efficiency

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