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What is Trutina?

Trutina is an independent decision support system, that helps you decide in questions related to the cultivation technology. Based on the measurement of the behaviour of the plants in real-time, you can gain insight into the life processes of plants. In the everyday rush Trutina users receive information and notifications on their mobile phone in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

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Trutina 2.0, the new generation

Keep updated on every breath your plants take

• Save time by making your decisions based on the renewed infoboard
• E-Box - possibility to connect as many sensors as you wish
• Ready to connect wireless sensors
• More alert functions (EC, WCV, biomass, drain, radiation, etc.)
• Export and analyze data
• Adjust artificial sunrise and sunset time

Trutina 2.0 gives you the possibility to monitor the energy supply of your plants. You can save money by reducing the amount of irrigated water, fertilizers and energy consumption (heating, electricity). Costs can be saved while increasing the yield.

Getting to know our plant energy model!

The pyranometer fitted to Trutina helps determine the energy available for plants. Install it in the greenhouse next to the plants you want to examine.
The energy consumption of the plants is calculated from the amount of evaporated water of the plants measured by Trutina.
The energy balance of plants helps determine the optimum amount and time of irrigation.

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Displaying information

Renewed Infoboard

The measured data is available to users via a secure web site, where they can evaluate the data in a graphical way, but the user also has the option of displaying them in their own way.

The information screen is fully customizable and even alarm rules can be created. If you have multipleTtrutina systems, you can analyze their data simultaneously.

Use all the following information to make the right decisions:
Irrigation, drainage, transpiration, plant energy consumption, total irradiation, plant energy biomass, biomass.

Listen to what your plants are telling you. They will immediately let you know how they are doing. The Trutina system aims to help you with interpreting their signals. We put all the necessary data at your fingertips in real-time, accessible from anywhere, even on your phone.