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​The beginning

Gremon Systems is a provider of innovative IT solutions for the horticultural sector with a focus on greenhouse production. The company was founded in Szeged, Hungary in 2013 as a spin-off company of the Szeged University Faculty of Natural Science and Information Technology with the support of professional gardeners.
The project of the University was researching the opportunities of analyzing plant growth with remote technology. From the very beginning we were exploring the possibilities to see if we could create a tool that would be able to measure plant weight and the growth trends of a crop and translate this data into a visual platform in order to optimize growing strategies.

The vision

The product ideas of Gremon Systems came by realizing the enormous market potential in cost saving solutions offered to the horticultural sector.

The products of the company offer solutions that help growers to better exploit their resources leading to significant cost savings and thus achieving higher profitability that enables customers to increase their yields.

​Knowledge, research, innovation

The products of Gremon Systems are integrated cloud-based solutions of hardware and software that give an answer to almost all of the resource-related challenges of the farmers. Hard-wearing physical devices are developed manufactured and assembled by the company in Szeged, Hungary. The devices are installed at the growing sites, gathering data about the activities of workers, plants that is transferred to an Amazon data cloud (or local server) and processed by sophisticated tools of their in-house developed software. All relevant information necessary for management purposes are displayed on Gremon's clear-cut and highly visual dashboards.

Who we are

János Lóczi

János Lóczi

CEO, the head of international sales and of strategic expand of the company.

Tamás Giller

Tamás Giller

COO, he has more than ten years of experience in managing corporate processes. Head of financial operation and back office activities.

András Újszászi

András Újszászi

Founder and Product Development Manager. Main innovator of the products of the company with decades of experience as horticultural leader.

The Team

The GremonSystem Team